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Baby Scream…what is all about?

Baby Scream is a music project orchestrated and led by Juan Pablo Mazzola, the project was conceived in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2002. To date Baby Scream have released 6 LPs, 3 EP's and 5 singles, as well as having been featured on compilations albums around the globe. The albums received excellent reviews around the world from the Power Pop community bloggers, podcasters and radio alike. Throughout his musical careeer Juan has worked with a multitude of producers such as, Sebastian Rubin (Grand Prix), Rino Rafanelli (Sui Generis, Color Humano), Muddy Stardust (Chris Robinson Brotherhood, Col. Parker) and Nick Schinder (The Child, Deep River Running). Juan's musical influences are wide and diverse and range from, John Lennon, The Jayhawks, Cheap Trick, Harry Nilsson, Ronnie Lane, Paul Westerberg, Teenage Fanclub, Jellyfish, Velvet Crush and Soul Asylum. Baby Scream have played and toured all over the world taking in various countries and cultures including, Argentina, Brazil, U.S.A., England, Germany, Sweden, Spain and Norway.

The current band lineup is Juan Pablo Mazzola (vocals, rhythm guitar), Enrico Bagnato (drums), Ricardo Alarcon (lead guitar, backing vocals) and Bruno Ayres (Bass, backing vocals). Wayne Lundqvist Ford (Ice Cream Man, Power Pop and More)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Revenge Of The Nerds

So my good friend Melanie Perret in the U.K. is going to release a compilation album called "Uncovered" through her label "Music Out Here" (
She wanted an unreleased track, so I gave her a weird piece called "Revenge Of The Nerds"
This song was written in 2008 (or 2009, I can't remember) after bumping into the devil herself while trying to buy a coffee.
We didn't include the song on "Identity Theft" because I felt it didn't fit the just didn't fit the concept.
Now, back to reality.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Reviews, things, more things....

Cool thing, we got some good reviews about "Secret Place" and the "Hit & Run" single......

Absolute Powerpop (U.S.A.)

Indie Music News (U.K.)

Deafboyone (U.K.)

Here Comes The Flood (The Netherlands)

Sinister Angels Realm (U.K.)

Blues Bunny Reviews (Scotland)

Also, Muzik Reviews wrote an amazing review about the Self Titled lp...

Same as Peter from Peter's Powerpop (Australia) (song of the day for September 9th)

What else?
Oh yeah, Emiliano Canal (Eternal Sunday Records) did a great documentary video about the recording of "Secret Place" in Argentina posted a video interview we did a few days ago (it is in spanish)

And Ollie at Ok! Records created a new playlist on features live recordings (free download), studio tracks, etc...
Baby Scream by OKRecords

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Secret Place + Hit and Run single + Eternal Sunday Records + Sonic Shocks + Groove Strasse.

So Eternal Sunday Records is going to release a new Baby Scream cd in Argentina next August.... it is called " Secret Place " and it features 10 songs :

01 The Last Call
02 Hit And Run
03 Secret Place
04 Going North
05 Cold Weather Reggae
06 Bad Seed
07 Patiently
08 London Sun
09 The Atmosphere
10 Eating My Face

Also, we have a digital cd single called "Hit and Run" and it features a cover of " 20th Century Baby " (Marc Bolan)
The single is already available from iTunes :

Sonich Shocks in the U.K. wrote a few words about " Secret Place " :

And I created a new list on youtube featuring live and promo videos :

BTW....Some guys in the Baby Scream world have a really cool project going on, it is called Groove Strasse and they are based in Berlin...basically if you have an idea for a song you can send them an mp3 of the vocals + some descent guitar work (this means a very clean/well played guitar track) and they will give you back the greatest track ever.
Just check them out!...This is what they did with a Jingle we recorded for " The Groove Lounge " radio show in the U.K...


Monday, April 11, 2011

More reviews + Interview.

I did an interview with Stephanie Weaver for " I Remember Snorks " (U.S.A)
Stephanie is an amazing journalist, great people indeed.

So we made it onto Uberrock & Pop Culture Classics.....awesome thing, really, righ next to " Neil Diamond " and " BMX Bandits " (you just gotta love this movie!):

Also, Independent Music News wrote a nice and psychedelic review about Baby Scream :

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Nuclear Family soundtrack + Twirl Radio podcast + " Self Titled LP " on Sonic Shocks (U.K.) & " The Slums Off Hollywood Boulevard " (U.S.)

" The Nuclear Family " is a short film about madness directed by James Ryan in the U.K.
It features music by Baby Scream (a song called "Be" from the " Identity Theft ep ")...who else?

There is a great review about our " Self Titled LP "....this time on " Sonic Shocks " (U.K.)

A few weeks ago I did an interview - live performance with the great Mike Lidskin at Twirl Radio in Sacramento (California)
Podcast available from :

Thanks to Jade Blackmore for this great great great really great review about our Self Titled lp on " The Slums Off Hollywood Boulevard "