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Baby Scream…what is all about?

I have this thing called "Baby Scream" I recorded a few albums, played in a lot of places, met some nice people, met some other kind of people. I want to write as many songs as I can. I'm a Cheap Trick fan, I love : The Beatles, Badfinger, Big Star, The Jayhawks, Teenage Fanclub, Jellyfish, 10cc, Enuff Z Nuff, The Replacements, Soul Asylum, T.Rex...... I like guitars.

Thursday, November 5, 2015


I love Brazil. This is going to be good.

Thursday, October 1, 2015


Vamos a hacer algunos shows en Buenos Aires :

And check this out! :

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Here I come to save the daaaaayyyyy

Some pretty cool reviews + some other things :

Great words from Spain!!

The always awesome Uberrock from the U.K. :

Plus, some really cool compilations featuring Baby Scream are available now :

Melodías al ataque - Movies is the 3rd release by Time Lord Records, here you will find my version of "Cruella De Vil"

A great 109 free download songs compilation by the one and only Wayne Lundqvist Ford from Sweden!!!

Here You can download for free "Loner" by Baby Scream.

Hey, I just filmed a video for "Captain Hook"....we'll see, we'll go and eat some pasta.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Azcurra + Baby Scream covers + Baby Scream Records.....

So my friends in the US are awesome! Check this out, "Mars" by "Deidra Axt".......just wow for me here.

Also, Les Immortels from France wrote this "Fan, Fan, Fan" review!

There's a guy in Buenos Aires, he calls himself "Azcurra"....thing is, we r going to be writing an ep together, 3 of his songs with English lyrics + 3 Baby Scream songs with Spanish lyrics....this is new to me, can't wait!

Check this out! Haters Will Hate (with spanish lyrics)

Here, we did a little show together a few day ago :


Also, "Baby Scream Records" is finally here! :

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Fan, Fan, Fan / The Worst Of...

I have 2 new releases.....woo hoo!!!!!

"Fan, Fan, Fan" is a 12 song cd, I recorded it with the help of Nick Schinder in Argentina, between 2013 and 2014.

It took me some time to release an album of new songs, a big part of "Fan, Fan, Fan" was written while I was living in Berlin, Germany.

"The Worst Of..." is a collection of re recorded songs, covers and some leftovers from "Fan, Fan, Fan"

Both cds are available from Bandcamp at the moment, pretty soon they are going to be available from all digital stores.

Fan, Fan, Fan :

The Worst Of :

I even got some reviews about them! :

Absolute Powerpop (USA) :

Powerpopaholic (USA) :

Sinister Angels Realm (UK) :

And the guys from Unsigned Melodies in the UK created this profile :