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Baby Scream…what is all about?

I have this thing called "Baby Scream" I recorded a few albums, played in a lot of places, met some nice people, met some other kind of people. I want to write as many songs as I can. I'm a Cheap Trick fan, I love : The Beatles, Badfinger, Big Star, The Jayhawks, Teenage Fanclub, Jellyfish, 10cc, Enuff Z Nuff, The Replacements, Soul Asylum, T.Rex...... I like guitars.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Brazil, Greatest Failures, Aching Eyes, Xmas....

I will be doing an acoustic mini tour in Brazil next week! Thanks to the one and only Sergio Dias from

The Indie Folks guys did the "Aching Eyes" video for us.

It features my beautiful friend Leila Fernandez

Also, "Greatest Failures" is now available from every digital music store

Same as the new single : Xmas (All Pain Is Left Behind)

Listen to it!

btw, here's Baz Gennard's point of view about "Greatest Failures"

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Here I come to save the daaaaayyyyy.....

Some things here and there....

Thanks to Bruce Bodeen for having a Baby Scream song (a new one, called "Unicorns") included on his "Power Pop Planet VOL 2" comp....

Follow the link if you want to buy it :

Music Enthusiast Magazine (USA) wrote an awesome review about Secret Place...damn, it feels great!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

More new songs, Pop For Export gig, new interview.....

So we uploaded more new songs :

Pieces Of Me :

Aching Eyes :

Stay Forever, My Love :

Flirting With Disaster / Beatles Medley :

A few weeks ago I played another Pop For Export gig (Eternal Sunday Records) at The Cavern (Buenos Aires) in Argentina. Check this out, you can watch the show here, starting at 01:02 pretty cool.

Also I did a really nice interview with my good friend Baz Gennard from the U.K. for his Sinister Angels Realm blog :

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

New songs......

I've been recording new songs like a maniac, don't know what for though....apparently, I'm addicted to it.

Here are some of them :

Beers and Public Buildings.

This Fucked Up World :

Cheap Perfume :

My Very Last Mistake :

The Girl Next Door :

My New Dope :

Shooting Stars :

Blue In Berlin :

Sunday, May 26, 2013

"Baby Scream" (Special Extended Edition), life, Indie Folks, weird shit......

The "Special Extended Edition" was released on April, 2nd. Since then, we have received many reviews about it from our friends in the small but really cool Power Pop world.

Uberrock (U.K.)

Ice Cream Man 1967 (Sweden)


Jamie Does Music (U.S.A.)

Here Comes The Flood (The Netherlands)

Wild Thing Mag (Greece)


Sinister Angels Realm (U.K.)

Veglam (France)

Powerpopaholic (U.S.A.)

Also, the guys from Indie Folks in Argentina created a profile with the videos we did together :

Saturday, January 19, 2013

OK Records in the U.K. is working on the re release of the " Self Titled L.P." It is going to be a good one, with extra tracks.

There is a great " Lost Balloons " review on WORDKRAPHT, written by one Jamie this is something, I didn't know about it, it just made my day....I'm a happy man now.

The one thing that really brings joy after writing and recording songs is receiving these kind of words about it. Thanks a million to Keith J Sinclair who runs the elobeatlesforever blog in the U.K. It means the world, basically because you can tell that the guy loves power pop!!!

Also, check this out, a great " Secret Place " review by a Greek mag! loved it! (it is advisable to use google translator) Thanks Joe Wildthing, you guys are awesome!