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Baby Scream…what is all about?

I have this thing called "Baby Scream" I recorded a few albums, played in a lot of places, met some nice people, met some other kind of people. I want to write as many songs as I can. I'm a Cheap Trick fan, I love : The Beatles, Badfinger, Big Star, The Jayhawks, Teenage Fanclub, Jellyfish, 10cc, Enuff Z Nuff, The Replacements, Soul Asylum, T.Rex...... I like guitars.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Ups and Downs reviewed by Powerpopaholic

I got an 8!
A great review from a great blog!


Baby Scream "Ups and Downs"
Baby Scream is a London based band originally formed by Juan Mazzola in Argentina. Mazzola has an affection for several classic pop influences like The Byrds, John Lennon, and The Replacements. The album goes through many moods, from fast tempo punk guitars of "Everyday (I Die a Little Bit)" to the mid tempo jangle of "Suddenly,"and then the somber Jeff Lynne-like ballad "One More Chance." All 8 songs are full of great classic hooks and interesting chord changes that I know pop fans will cherish. Juan's vocals have the same gentle delivery of Lennon and the melodic qualities are excellent here. Lead guitarist Cristian Basualdo does a great job here too, as the duo recall Let It Be-era Lennon-McCartney on a pair of tracks ("The Riots" and "Ups and Downs"). The ending track, "Morning Light" owes much to Big Star and Badfinger, the music coming from a deeply emotional place. I would also encourage you to look for the follow up Monsters EP. This one is a short album, but you won't be disappointed here -- this is highly recommended to power pop fans.

Thanks Aaron!


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